Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road Tripping

I'm headed to Houston this weekend to register with my sister for all things baby. It seems like a daunting task, and one that I am not remotely capable of doing on my own, so Angie to the rescue! Thanks, Angie!

It should be a good time since I will finally be able to get my fix here. I have been craving these cheese enchiladas since I became pregnant. Yum!

I'll also get to give this sweet girl kisses.

Isn't her shirt cute? Her favorite aunt has amazing taste.

And I'm off...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Buy Me This

Heidi Klum must not pee 187 times while pregnant.

To see the rest of her collection click here.

Cuarenta Dias (Forty Days)

Today is the first day of Lent. If you're not Catholic, read about it here. Typically, I would give something up like sweets or sodas, but this year I have decided to take something on.

I have decided to start watching Spanish Novelas aka Spanish Soap Operas.

Odd, I know. However, in an attempt to improve my Spanish language skills, I am taking some sound advice from my Aunt, and watching novelas. Yes, it is totally random.

Jeff and I have discussed how important it is to us to raise our daughter to be bilingual. Although, Spanish is not my native language, I grew up in a Spanish speaking household, therefore, consider myself bilingual. I know this will be a very difficult task since Jeff does not speak Spanish, but I'm hoping to raise our little one with Jeff speaking English to her and me speaking Spanish to her. I know it can be done.

I also picked up a book the other day to aid me with the process. It isn't about teaching me a language, but how to create a bilingual environment for your child. It has given me a lot of confidence thus far.

So as I embark on this journey I hope to learn and not fall completely victim to the novelas. Luckily, unlike American soaps, there is an ending. I figure that I watch bad American television, so why not improve my skills by watching bad Spanish television in the process???

Buena Suerte (Good Luck)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

90 is the new 20

Friday morning we were supposed to have an 8am flight to Miami, but instead we did this:

and this

After begging Jeff to play with me, he reluctantly agreed. I lasted 10 minutes.

And after our playtime ended, we got the good word: we could fly out of DFW if we hussled and made the 2:45 flight. We made it, but not without some, okay a lot, of hiccups.

First off, let me just mention that in most instances we would have canceled our trip and cut our losses, but this wasn't just any trip. We were meeting all of Jeff's family in Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate his grandmother's (Nana) 90th birthday. Bottom line: we were not missing this trip. ONE of us was going to be there.

When we arrived to the airport I, a seasoned traveler, realized that I had no wallet, which posed a delay with in itself, but more on that later (I'm still letting Jeff recover from the shock).

We finally reached our gate, scarfed down some oh-so-healthy McDonalds and were ready to board the flight. Our plane hadn't made it yet, but we weren't too worried, so we waited a bit longer, no big deal. Then the waiting became a little bit concerning, since we had a connection in Ft. Meyers into Miami, but again, what can we do, right? Then we finally got to our seats (middle for me, aisle for Jeff) and thought we were on our way...we thought wrong. After sitting on the plane for 2 hours due to absolutely NO reason, we were off...nope, just kidding we weren't off. We had to mosey on over to be de-iced. And considering DFW airport probably has 1 de-icing truck and maybe 2 guys that know how to do it, it took a bit longer. So after a being de-iced we really were on our way...for real this time, I promise.

We arrived in Ft. Meyers knowing we had missed our connection, starving, and ready to get off the plane (mostly due to the obnoxious drunk guy next to me that put away 5 Jack Daniels during our flight). However, we were in luck! Our connecting flight had also been delayed, so we had time to eat and regroup. Our connecting flight finally took off close to 11pm and we were lucky enough to receive the poorest customer service from an American Eagle crew ever, see a random act of kindness, and an old lady go batsh!t crazy on the said AE crew. It was all very entertaining.

So at exactly 12:07 am EST, we arrived in Miami; 5 hours after originally scheduled. There was no point in heading to Ft. Lauderdale now, so my Dad kindly put us up for the night AND let us borrow his car for the weekend. More on Dad's sweet new digs later... However, a VERY BIG THANK YOU PAPI for helping us out and letting us crash!

We finally made it to Lighthouse Point where Nana lives to meet up with some family. I was so surprised to see how many out of towners had come in for Nana's big day! We had an awesome weekend catching up with all the family.

Since pictures are much more exciting, I'll leave you all with weekend pictures.

It was also my mother in law, Nancy's birthday on the 14th, so we a lot to celebrate. However, so you don't get confused, Sunday was about Nana, not Nancy.

Saturday; February 13th

A mini-birthday celebration for Nancy at The Stained Glass Pub

Notice Cousin Fred. I think he might be calling Nana to tell her someone is trying to steal herthunder

Then later that evening the entire group (appox 30 of us) went to watch some basketball and have dinner. And we threw in another birthday surprise for Nancy...

Uncle Frank apparently didn't get the memo on the party hat

Look! John is smiling!

Happy Birthday Nancy-Mom! We love you and hope you had a great day.

On to Nana's big day!

Sunday; February 14th

The party was held at the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. It was a gorgeous day and 50 guests (36 from out of town) came to celebrate. It was great time!

Nana greeting her many guests

Cousins (from L to R): Jeff, Matthieu, Darcy, Tim, & Kelly

Avery showing off her walking skills (notice her cute designer shoes)

Jeff & Uncle Todd

Matthieu & Tim

Poor Avery didn't get to enjoy the ice cream sundae bar. She settled for her finger.


Happy Birthday Nana! We love you!

Despite a few travel challenges, we had an awesome weekend. We were so grateful to see so much of our family and celebrate such a milestone.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Need A Laugh?

Yeah, I did too.

This is my all-time favorite SNL "Debbie Downer" skit. It embodies all things funny, including the cast, the setting, and Lindsay Lohan (pre Rehab, Daddy issues, and lesbian love affair).


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowing in Dallas

209 S. Windomere covered in snow.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snowy day!

Peer Pressure is Not Always a Bad Thing

I have caved. Peer pressure has gotten the best of me, and here I am, starting a blog. There could be many reasons that I am doing this, but really one justified my decision. No, it was not my husband or my family. Well, in a way it was my family, but I certainly will not give my sister (visit her blog at here) that much credit.

I or shall I say WE, have another reason.

Here she is:

It is true. We are pregnant and it is a girl!

Wow, are we surprised. Okay, I'm surprised. Never in my life have I imagined being a mother to a daughter, never. Jeff doesn't seem too shocked, but that is okay because I am shocked enough for the both of us. Our little girl is due July 10, 2010.

Yes, I know, it will be hot.

I welcome this blog journey and hope I can entertain you (my one reader) to keep reading.