Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Bump

Twenty-Two Weeks
Jeff and I started dating during the Fall of 2006 and have made traveling a priority ever since. This will be the first year that that we won't be able to take a vacation, so I have been going down memory lane this morning of our travels.

Join me...

Our first trip together...

San Diego, April 2007

Kansas City, June 2007 (Also my first trip to visit his family)

New York City, August 2007

Note: We have one picture from our NYC trip which I don't have on my computer. However, we did go to Yankee Stadium to watch the Royals lose to the Yankees.

Miami, October 2007

Greenville, SC & Atlanta, GA, May 2008

San Francisco, June 2008

Playa del Carmen, January 2009

Chicago, May 2009

Thanks for taking me on so many adventures, Jeff.

Even though we aren't going on a vacation this year, we are looking forward to the best adventure yet: parenthood.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnancy Cravings

Lucky Charms. They're my breakfast of champions!

Lemon Flavored ANYTHING.

Bomb Pops. I remember eating these as a kid with my brother David.

Cupcakes. I'm not picky from where, but they have the prettiest ones.

Sunkist Orange Drink (I even buy the diet kind)

Notice I'm not craving any vegetables...

Happy Anniversary to Angie & Dan!

Today celebrates 8 years of marriage for them. Wow!

8 Years Ago Today:

1. A major ice storm hit DFW
2. En route to the church, Angie & I slid into a guard rail on the highway.
3. After the guardrail incident, Angie cursed...a lot.
4. After a beautiful ceremony, we danced the day away.
5. My mom and dad celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary while watching their first daughter dance with her new husband.

Happy Anniversary to Dan & Angie - Love you both!

(insert cute picture of Angie & Dan here) Oops, don't have one!

Today also marks what would have been my parents 42nd wedding anniversary.

Today is bittersweet, but with my mother's untimeley death almost three years ago, I can only be grateful to what she instilled in all of us. And as a newly married woman, what my parents gave me; which is an example of a long, loving marriage.

Jeff & I are very lucky and have always been grateful that both of our parents marriages have been long and filled with love, honor, and respect. We could not have better role models.

Thanks to Moms & Dads.

Photo taken at a family reunion in Miami Beach in June 2006.