Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Me?

Where have I been? Sorry for the delay in postings, but I haven't had much to say. I suppose it is time for a pregnancy update. To give a quick review, I'll let you in on a few things that have happened since I posted last:

1. I turned 28 on March 19th
2. Enjoyed wearing flip-flops and the snow all in one weekend.
3. Spent an amazing Birthday weekend with my family and friends.
4. Had a friend's car stolen from our front yard. Seriously.
5. Finished registering for all things bebe.
6. My very best friend Tracey visited us from CA.

26 Weeks.

This week I went to see Dr. Blewitt and was given a glucose test. All my mommy friends warned me about the nasty tasting juice they force you to gulp down. Maybe I have a undistinguished palette, because my orange (extra-syrupy) juice wasn't so bad. I gulped, swallowed, and would have happily had more. Maybe it was because it tasted like extra sweet Orange Sunkist, not the diet kind. Mmm...

Dr. B says everything is good with Baby K. I am measuring normal (whatever that means, right?) and baby and I look great. I'll take it. I go back at the end of the month for a sonogram, which I'm very excited about. I haven't seen our girl since early February, but I have felt her!!!

I started feeling pulses in my lower abdomen early last week. It.was.weird. I had heard that in the beginning feeling the baby was similar to gas, but this was defintely something different. Since then, I have felt rolls and pulses every single day, some more powerful than others. I feel her the most when I'm lying on my back. It is pretty phenomenal. Jeff's eyes when he felt her for the first time were priceless. He always figured feeling her move would freak him out, but I think he is adjusting to our little ones movements and secretly enjoying them. Feeling our girl together has to be one of my favorite parts of this pregnancy together.

So, I'm feeling good. Nothing out of the ordinary. I get up to use the bathroom 483 times a night, am starting to each chicken again (woo!), and am extra tired, but can never get comfy...awww, pregnancy joys!! Although, the ice cream cravings have reared its ugly head. Mint chocolate chip is so, so good. Luckily, my sweet Jeff has taken me to Baskin Robbins two days in a row. He said that was enough, though. I hate when he is right.

I think I may need one of these soon, though.

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